Sleepy Lucas (Charcoal on Strathmore 23x22cm)
Filippi's green eyes
(Charcoal on tinted paper 21x30cm)
Lucas gazing into a stream (Acrylics on canvas 30x40x1.7cm)
My beloved wife Elie
(Graphite on paper)
Self-portrait (Acrylics on canvas 37x57x1.7cm)
Savana (Charcoal on Strathmore 30x40cm)
Windows of the soul (Acrylics on wooden panel 20.2x14.1x2.2cm)
Baby Saz (Graphite on paper)
Natalia against the rocks (Acrylics on canvas 35x45x1.7cm)
Savana (Acrylics on canvas 30x40x1.7cm)
Self-portrait(Charcoal on Strathmore 20x30cm)
Zak beloved westie (Charcoal on Strathmore 20x20cm)